neurIOT is a niche supplier of Technology Services in the field of Machine Learning & Internet of Things (IOT). Our solutions involve connected devices having human like intelligence meant to solve complex problems.


1 Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Neural Networks and Machine Learning offer a revolutionary new approach for solving problems in a fashion similar to how humans would do.

By employing a variety of algorithmic models, which are programmed and run either on the cloud or embedded into IOT devices, we solve complex problems. We can implement these algorithms either in bespoke applications in Java, Python and C# or we can employ technologies such as Neuroph, Microsoft Azure ML or Google TensorFlow.

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2 Internet of Things (IOT)

Our IOT services include design & prototyping of connected devices followed by mass production (using our partners).

We use a host of technologies including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, e-Toradex, Microsoft Azure IOT and Google Brillo. We design and develop the hardware and associated embedded software. Software may include simple programming logic to control various devices or may use EDGE level Artificial Intelligence.

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